Ethics Statement

Ethics Statement – Everything you find on this website, my YouTube channel and my social media is my own personal opinion. I base my opinion on my own experience and the experiences of close friends and business partners. I strive to be impartial, but we do carry all our own biases, which I will try to acknowledge whenever needed.


Affiliates, Sponsors & advertising.

Currently I do not have any form of advertising on my website, I prefer the clean look and don’t want you, my readers to get unnecessary spam. I do however have some affiliate links to products on Amazon. These links provide me with a small income, So if you are considering buying a product you read about on my site, please consider buying from the link, it will help me keep producing content!

I do not endorse any product that I do not like and or use. The products that I create reviews on are all products that I have used and either purchased myself or borrowed from friends. If the case occurs where a company sends me a product to review I will state this, but this will not change my view of the product, if its terrible I will tell you, if its great I will tell you!



February 20, 2017