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Blog Share: Fujichron

Up until I moved to Newfoundland to complete my Masters degree I spent nearly everyday selling camera gear at London Drugs. During each and every sale, it was inevitable that the customer would ask what are the best websites to go to for photography information. From this I started to compile a list of my go to blogs and websites, so I figured it was about time I shared these with everyone else!

This series is going to be all about sharing my favorite photography sites and getting your feedback on what your favorites are as well!

For the first post we will look at Fujichron, a blog that is focuses on the new F2 series of Fujifilm lenses (or Fujichron’s as many call them), but actually has a ton of great content on it. Why do I recommend this blog? Well it’s simplistic design, great photography, and informative content make me come back to it time and again! So if your looking for another great Fujifilm related site, checkout Fujichron today!


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