Never trust your camera’s weather sealing

Recently I was browsing one of my favorite blogs by Roger Cicala at Lens Rentals and I came across an interesting article about the issues with weather sealing. Now as I read through this article which tore apart a salt encrusted Sony A7s mark 2 I started to think about the fallacy that weather sealing is. Over the many years I worked as a camera sales person I have seen my fair share of advertisements that I my that their cameras are the latest and greatest, and that they are now 50% more weather sealed than before. At this point you many be asking what the heck I’m talking about, the camera manufacture said that the camera is more weather resistant that before, what’s the big deal? So let’s take a look at an example.

Say you purchase a camera, a Pentax K1 or a Olympus E-M5 mark 2 for instance,  both which are advertised as the toughest, most rugged, weather sealed cameras you can buy (or at least that’s what their marketing material imply),

Your out shooting for the day and you place the camera on a table after it rained getting the base a bit wet, or got splashed by a wave at the beach (which is what appears to have happened to the a7s mark 2), you wipe the camera down and continue on with your day. But later that night you take your camera out and it won’t power on, it’s bricked. So at this point you send it in to be looked at under warranty and the repair center gets back to you and says that the camera is water damaged and that it will not be covered under warranty, and to make things worse, they will not even repair it for a fee (checkout this article for details).

Now what I just said may be a worst case example, but I have personally seen it happen a number of times. So what does the camera manufacture mean by weather sealing. Basically it means that you can bring your camera outside and it has less of a chance of dying, but if their sealing fails while your outside, it’s your fault.

In the end it’s really up to us as consumers to take care of our gear because the manufactures won’t. Sure they will repair a stuck shutter is its under warranty, but if their weather sealing fails and let’s water in, that’s our fault.

Now I have had plenty of experience bringing cameras into terrible conditions and bringing them out in one piece, so later this week I will make a post on the steps I take to keep my camera safe so you don’t have to deal with the dreaded repair center!

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