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Fujifilm X Raw Studio

Since the release of their first mirrorless x series camera the X-Pro 1 back in March of 2012, consumers have complained about the lack of integration for Raw files in many common editing software. Even over time this issue persisted with odd artifacts and a general lowering of image quality when using Adobe editing products. This issue forced many users to convert their raw files in camera, with the clunky Silkypix software or use something like Capture One.

Earlier this week Fujifilm finally released a custom software for their X series cameras! Fujifilm X Raw Studio is a new RAW converter which aims to speed up the conversion process by utilizing a connected X series cameras to do the Raw processing, saving your computers limited resources for editing other aspects of the image.

This software will work in both Windows and Apple computers and allows for either a single image processing or batch processing of multiple files. Settings will be adjustable and give a similar set of alterations found in the Raw converter but into the X series cameras. Although this setup does not sound articulately fast, you can speed up your workflow by saving presets, and since your computer is no longer a bottle neck, the raw processing should be quite speedy.

At this time Fuji has announced that the software will only be compatible with the following cameras. Most likely this is due to the extra processing power needed to do so, but fingers crossed this list will be added to in the future.

FUJIFILM GFX 50SVer.2.00 or laterNovember 30, 2017
FUJIFILM X-T2Ver.3.00 or laterNovember 30, 2017
FUJIFILM X-Pro2Ver.4.00 or laterDecember, 2017
FUJIFILM X100FVer.2.00 or laterDecember, 2017

Fujifilm X Raw Studio is currently available from Fujifilm website for Mac only. The windows version of the software will be available in February.

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