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Five highest rated cameras ever!

I have always been a bit of a gear junky when it comes to technology, so when I first came across DXO mark many years ago, I found myself always checking back to see the ratings of newly released camera’s. With a number of new ultra highend camera’s released we have a new top five hierarchy!

Just a note, DXO’s scoring system is not based out of 100 like many people have been referring, it just happens to be at a 100 at this point

1. Hasselblad X1D-50c: 102

The X1D-50c blew into the scene in 2016 and has been shaking things up ever since! This camera is the second camera to break the 100 point mark on DXO’s scale. The X1D-50c features a “cropped” medium-format 50Mp 43.8 x 32.9mm CMOS sensor, slightly smaller than the traditional film medium format of 6 x 4.5. But such an incredible score is not just due to its larger sensor, the ability to have much larger pixels packed into the sensor delivers amazing low light performance. Furthermore, the 16 bit color gives amazing color rendition and color depth, something that is not possible on full frame sensors.

2. Nikon d850: 100

The Nikon D850 is the fourth rendition of the ever popular D8XX series of cameras. It’s the first Nikon DSLR to use a backside illuminated sensor (BSI) and the second highest resolution DSLR on the market today. What makes the D850 score so high on the scale is how the BSI sensor captures light. With a BSI sensor, the sensor wiring is essentially placed on the back of the photo diode, freeing up the front for a larger micro lens and a larger photo diode. This translates into better low light performance, better color depth and equals to unparalleled image performance in the DSLR market. Combine amazing image performance with a rugged body, fast autofocus, 4k video and 9 fps and you have arguably the best DSLR on the market.

3. Sony A7R II: 98

As I talked about in one of my previous posts “Sony A7 Review (sort of)“, Sony has created a series of cameras which have essentially changed how images are being captured, and the A7R ii continues on this tradition! With a BSI sensor (some say this same sensor was put in the D850) the camera has spectacular image performance. But what makes this camera even more impressive is that this camera fits all this image performance in a mirrorless camera which is a fraction of the size of a DSLR.

4. Nikon d810: 97

The D810 is the third rendition of the D8XX series of cameras, and my go to every day camera! Although this camera keeps the resolution and body form of the D800, there are many minor improvements which create a brand new camera. The complete removal of the optical low pass filter, the EXPEED 4 processor which allows for a base ISO of 64 and improved video performance. Along with these improvements comes the introduction of an electronic first curtain shutter system helping to eliminate the shutter shock which plagued the D800.

5. Sony RX1R II: 97

The RX1R II is one of the most interesting cameras to ever enter the market. The simplicity of the camera, which try’s to mimic a rangefinder style is what makes this camera quite unique. With the same full frame sensor found in the A7R II, but in an entirely new form factor, the images produced by the RX1R II are nothing short of spectacular.  But what really steals the show for some is the fixed 35mm f2, which is non interchangeable. That’s right, non interchangeable! This forces you to work in a specific range and use your creativity to work around the lens limitations. Not a camera for everyone, but definitely interesting!


So this is the new top 5 hierarchy of digital still cameras as of October 2017! Thank you for reading my article Five highest rated cameras ever! Make sure you leave a comment and let me know what you would like to see next!

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