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6 struggles of a stock photographer

1. Loosing you polarizing filter:

Somehow every time I go to pack for a shoot, I seem to misplace my polarizing filter. Every single time without fail! And it’s not just any filter, it’s my monstrous 86mm filter, one that I do not have a backup for. Now I know what you’re saying, organize yourself better, and my response to this is that this filter grows legs, takes off, and manages to find its way into place I would never put a filter!

2. Bad weather:

As an avid landscape photographer, I spend much of my time outside, mostly in bad weather! Here is Newfoundland the weather report is inaccurate to say the least! Rain, snow, hail, sun, fog and wind can all happen within 20 minutes, and unfortunately, it usually lines up so that I’m out when it all happens! But that doesn’t stop me for getting the shot, sitting in the rain, snow, hail, fog and wind have become my new normal!

3. Stock agency rejection:

You’ve just got back from an amazing shoot, everything lined up, the photos look great, and your ready to upload them to your favorite stock agency. A few hours later, you get the notification that your work was reviewed. You login to check the status, only to find that what you thought was the absolute best image was rejected! Worse the reason for the rejection is usually because of a non-existent dust spot!

4. Dead batteries:

The night before any shoot, I spend a few hours cycling through all my batteries charging them, testing them, and then packing them away. But yet, without fail, the next day I always manage to pop in a battery that is only half charged! Now this may be a result of buying a few third-party batteries, but its annoying none the less!

5. Full memory cards:

You’ve just finished setting up a shot, snapped a bunch of photos, but then right when the perfect shot lines up, your memory card shows full! You root around for another card, pop it in, but by this point the shot is gone!

6. When your favorite photo doesn’t sell:

After you made it past the gauntlet of the stock photo agency reviewer and got your photo accepted, the waiting game to see the success of a photo. The days turn into weeks, and turn into months, yet the photo doesn’t sell. So you look at what your top images are only to find out that some lack luster image is selling like mad, but your favorite image hasn’t even had a view, so frustrating! (Checkout my most popular lackluster image ever!)


This post was inspired by an old post on Petapixel that I just recently came across. Let me know what your biggest struggles as a photographer are! I would love to hear them, maybe make an even bigger list next time!


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