The Icebergs are Coming!

The Story:

As you know from my last post  Newfoundland has been warming up and I’ve been getting out and exploring the thawed landscape! Earlier this week I decided to explore a region of Newfoundland called the south Avalon peninsula, nick named the Irish Loop. Its about a 3-4 hour round trip drive, covering some of the most rugged terrain imaginable! About half way through the trip, just south of the recent internet sensation Ferryland, icebergs dot the coast line, every few kilometers you will see a new and spectacular iceberg, but the one captured in the video was my favorite! Every few minutes waves will crash through the massive hole in the center  and bits of ice will fall off, littering the nearby water with tiny chunks of ice! Well worth the trip for anyone in the region!

How I got the shot:

Like I said in my last post, drones can give hit or miss results, but this iceberg provided a new set of challenges since it was hundreds of meters off shore and the winds had picked up to a brisk 30 km/h. I decided to go for it, and sent the drone at full speed for the iceberg to get some shots. About 5 minutes after takeoff I was above the iceberg and it provided some challenges with exposure. Every time I think I have the exposure, the light changes and you have to re-expose. But with all that I managed to get some great shots and made it back to shore with 25% battery to spare!

PS: Don’t forget to remember extra battery life to compensate for headwinds or your drone will end up in the drink!

Drone: DJI inspire 1

Camera: DJI x3

Aperture: F2.8


ISO: 100 (Don’t know what this is? Click here for my tutorial!)

The icebergs are coming! get out there an explore, you’ll be amazed at what you might find!


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