Get Out There And Fly!

Today I want to share with you some of the photos and adventures I have been having as Newfoundland defrost’s and the sun finally comes out! You may recognize this format since it is the same as my last photo post (click here to see it) and I’m going to try to make this a regular style of post in the future.

The Story:

The photo’s and video’s were shot in a small park just south of St John’s, Newfoundland called Butterpot Park. When I first moved to Newfoundland I was missing the west coast and the great parks we have there so I went on a drive in search of some trees! Although I didn’t find any old growth forests, I found this amazing park. It’s always empty, I have yet to see anyone except for the occasional moose and it has some wonderful lakes and forests. Anyways, so for the past 7 months, Newfoundland has been frozen, limiting my ability to get to the park as my little Honda civic does not like plowing through snow berms to get to a parking spot. So when the snow started to melt (about 2 weeks ago) I made a beeline for the park and hiked into the center of it in search of some aerial photo opportunities. After about 30 minutes of walking I could see this little rock ridge and decided that was what I was going to photograph.

The wind was perfect and the sun was just starting to set so I only had about an hour to get all the video and photos I wanted. As the sun was getting lower, I could start to see the makings of a few interesting top down shots (my favorite style of drone images!).

Even though I was short on time the images were fun to take since you never know what’s just around that previously unreachable corner!

How I got the shot:

Honestly, with drones, photos and videos are a bit hit and miss and on top of that, these images were taken at sunset and you get a whole new ball game! For these shots I used a manual exposure, partly so I could control the ISO and not introduce too much noise, while still keeping an eye on the shutter speed and keeping it high enough to freeze the frame. Even though I have the luxury of using a higher end drone, you will still need to add some heavy noise reduction to counteract the increased ISO. My best piece of advice is to just keep shooting until your battery runs down! With drones it is a numbers game and the more images you have the better your chances.

Drone: DJI inspire 1

Camera: DJI x3

Shutter Speed: 1/100 sec

Aperture: f2.8

ISO: 168 (Don’t know what this is? Click here for my tutorial!)

So Get Out There And Fly! You’ll be amazed at what you might find!

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