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The Sony A900. Nearly my first pro level dslr! 

This article was inspired by a recent throwback Thursday article, you can find that article here

Back in 2008 I had just started with a company called London Drugs, a western Canadian chain that sells a little bit of everything. Most notably is their huge camera and lens selection. I was in the market for a pro level DSLR for weddings and events and there were originally two cameras in the running, the newly released Nikon D700 and the Nikon D3. But soon after my initial search a newcomer entered into the market, the Sony A900.

At first glance the sony beat the Nikon’s out in everyway but autofocus, and low light but even these were apparently quite close, putting it right to the top of my list as my collection of nikon lenses was still quite small. But I had never used the A900, I had only used a few of Sony’s crop sensor cameras like the A700 (which was actually a very nice camera), so the first thing was to get my hands on the A900 and see what it could do! After some time and searching I managed to source a body that I could borrow and right off the bat it looked like the camera for me! It was surprisingly well laid out, besides a few weird sony quirks, and the image quality was great, but, and it’s a big but, the low light performance was terrible. Past ISO 400 the images showed heavy noise reduction and seeing as this camera was spending much of its time shooting events and weddings, I soon realized the Sony just wouldn’t work. I order the Nikon D700 a few weeks later and never looked back. 


So thats my story of the time I bought my first pro level dslr, which was very close to being a Sony! 

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