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Updated Fujifilm Lens Roadmap: Fuji X Mount Cinema Lenses!

As many of you know, I am a huge proponent of the Fujifilm X lineup. The lenses and cameras they create a wonderful alternatives to the clinical photography gear that has spread across the market over the past decade, but one of the complaints that constantly comes up is the lack of a full lens lineup. Well today that lens lineup just got a bit larger!

Fujifilm has used their extensive cinematography knowledge to create a new series of lenses, the MK cine zooms. These lenses have been specifically designed for video with a click less aperture system, toothed focusing/zoom rings and back focus adjustments. All traits that will make these lenses very capable cinema lenses (though I’m sure people will use them for still photography) and show the commitment that Fujifilm has made to listen to their clients and produce products that they demand.

The MK 18-55mm T2.9 x mount lens is expected to be released in early March 2017, with the MK 50-130mm T2.9 X mount lens being released at a later date in 2017. No word on pricing yet, but I would say its safe to say that these are not budget lenses!

The updated Fujifilm lens roadmap can be  found here.



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