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Quick Tip: Keep those silica gel bags!!

Now, from the title you may think I’ve gone a bit mad, but just bare with me! You know those little white bgs filled with beads that come in the box when your buy an electronic item? The ones that you just throw out? Those are desiccant gel bags, and you should keep them! But why? Well those bags serve a purpose and that is to keep moisture levels down. 

Now how does this apply to photography? Say the weather isn’t the best and you get a little rain, or snow, or frost on your camera or lens and then you put it in the bag. Where does all this water go? Right into the bag, then getting soaked up by the foam and fabric. But it doesn’t just stay in the fabric or foam, it gets released bag into the bag and causes higher moisture levels in the bag which causes all sorts of long term problems. The solution to this is those little white bags of desiccant gel. The gel will help to absorb moisture and keep the bag dry. Now there is a limit to how much these bags work so if the camera gets really wet you may want to dry it off first and let the gel bags take care of the little remaining moisture.

Doing this simple trick will help to keep moisture out of your bag and out of your gear, helping to keep your gear working longer and help to minimize the chances of fungus or haze developing in your gear!

PS: The beads only work for so long so you will need to dry them out periodically. Checkout this excellent guide to re-drying the beads (click here)

Alternatively you can buy them from places like amazon, check the links below


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