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Bergger Unveils Pancro400: A New Black and White Film

Film Ferrania, Kodak and now Bergger, looks like the analog photography industry is making a big push to the forefront of the photography world this year! The French photosensitive materials manufacture Bergger has released BERGGER Pancro400 film. Pancro400 is the first black and white film from Bergger in almost 15 years and will not only be available in 35mm but also 120 format. Even more exciting is that and according to Bergger’s website more formats are to follow in the future! The film is slated to be released in Europe mid February 2017 and is the US and Asia sometime in March 2017. Pre-orders can be placed at Bergger’s product page (click here for link)

Pancro400 has a notable characteristic of having two panchromatic emulsions, silver bromide and silver iodide which are different in grain size. Combine this with the undercoated anti-halation layer and the result is an extremely high resolution film.

The product page has sample shots of Pancro400 by photographer and Bergger President and CEO Aurélien Le Duc:

Photos by Aurélien Le Duc

100% crop from the previous image

You can find more information about Bergger and their products on and their instagram:


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