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Don’t get your hopes up, Kodachrome is probably not coming back…

This rumor was supported by the Chief Marketing Officer of Eastman Kodak, stating that the company was going to look into bringing back the iconic filmstock. Unfortunately that interview was with the wrong Kodak! Over the recent decades Kodak has split into multiple companies, each with very different directives and products. The company that owns the film division of Kodak is Kodak Alaris, not Eastman Kodak, which makes me wonder what the heck the CMO of Eastman Kodak was talking about.

In a interview with, a senior representative of Kodak Alaris stated that the reintroduction of Kodachrome is unlikely due to the specialized processing required for the filmstock. To make this rumor even more unlikely, Dennis Olbrich, the president of Imaging, paper, photo chemicals and the Film division of Kodak Alaris stated, ‘I would love for it to be Kodachrome, obviously. But it’s a very difficult proposition to get that whole infrastructure back in place.’ Though he did make it very clear that Kodak Alaris is still very interested in relaunching retired film stocks. Olbrich said, ‘We’re already starting to evaluate what other films we could bring back and whether it would make sense to do it’. So lets keep our fingers crossed that Kodak Alaris will keep reintroducing filmstocks, and who knows, maybe if Ektachrome is a success, Kodak Alaris will reconsider Kodachrome. As for now, I’ll be patiently awaiting the 120 Etkachrome to hit the shelves!

If you want to know more about Kodachrome take a look at the amazing history of Kodachrome in an article by Time (click here for link)

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