Fujifilm X-T1 Review

The Fuji X-T1 is the first iteration of Fujifilm’s X-T lineup (with the X-T2 on the market as of late 2016) but not their first attempt at a mirrorless camera. The triumphs and mistakes made in the previous three x series cameras all went into making this a very capable camera. But what really makes you take a second look is the detailing, metal knobs, all metal body, and the solid feel of it is like no other camera I have seen on the market. As a bonus the lenses that Fuji make are also spectacular!

Behind the amazing build quality lies a powerhouse camera! The x-trans sensor, though only 16mp, produces images that are very clean and sharp, really sharp, makes you take a second look sharp! Fuji says that the design off the x-trans sensor allows for no low pass filter to be placed over the sensor and this is the reason for the astounding image quality, but i’m just going to call it magic! On top of this magic sensor, is one amazing viewfinder. The X-T1’s viewfinder is the first electronic viewfinder that I have preferred over the traditional optical viewfinder. The extra information available in the electronic viewfinder makes tasks like composing an image, or manually focusing much easier and more accurate. And finally the colour rendition that this camera produces are just amazing, the in camera rendered jpeg’s are like nothing else, with a variety of different film simulations that are just gorgeous (my favorite being the classic chrome simulation, a throwback to Kodak’s Kodachrome).

On top of all the hardware features, is a feature that almost no camera manufacturers ever consider, after sale support. Fuji has committed (and delivered over the last few years) to regularly updating their cameras, providing new features and fixing bugs. A feature that has kept the Fuji x-shoots a very loyal group of photographers.

This said, not everything is good with the X-T1. The camera does have a few quirks. The focusing system can be finicky at times, causing the occasional missed shot if not set correctly. This paired with the slightly slower focusing lock time, can make using this camera for sports a little frustrating, especially if you’re used to shooting with higher end DSLR’s. On top of the focusing issue, quirks like having a limited battery life and a mediocre video quality, may turn some people off. But if you give this camera a chance you’ll fall in love with it!

What I like: Amazing colors, intuitive design, large files for a 16mp sensor, huge viewfinder, good lens selection, and continuous updates well past its expected shelf life.

What could use improvement: Mediocre video quality, inconsistent auto-focus, poor battery life, few native speed lights.

Final words: The X-T1 is a wonderful little camera despite its quirks. Every time I shoot with another camera I long for the colors that this camera produces! Its a camera you can really fall in love with.

If you’re considering purchasing this camera please use the link below as it provides me with a a small commission to keep producing posts like this!

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