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Ever wonder why your long exposures are blurry? Turn your VR/image stabilization off!

When taking a long exposure shot, many things can go wrong, but the most frustrating is motion blur! Imaging taking you photo and getting what you thought was an amazing shot only to get home and look at the photo and find its ever so slightly blurred. This is motion blur at work! One key technique to limit the mount of motion blur when on a tripod is to turn any form of image stabilization off!

Take a look at the photos below:

Looks like a normal sunset photo right, something that you might throw on Facebook or Instagram, maybe frame because it was your last shot on your trip to Mexico. Lets take a closer look.

 See that blur in the mountains and in the shrubs? That motion blur! By accidentally leaving the image stabilization on while mounted on the tripod the lens thinks it still needs to compensate for motion that isn’t there. A lesson learned, make sure you turn it off when you take photo on a tripod!

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