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Are the rumors true? Pentax KP specs and images released!

For quite a while now rumors have been floating around about an ultra compact DSLR by Pentax, and for the last few weeks I was honestly starting to think that the rumors were just that, rumors! But recent rumors contain specs and images of this tiny little camera! keep in mind these are still rumors, but from what many others are saying these rumors appear to be true!

On paper the KP is a bit of a mixed bag of features, with full weather sealing, 7 fps continuous shooting, 24.32 megapixel sensor and 5 axis sensor based stabilization, yet it only has 27 autofocus points and shoots 1080p video. Seems like a bit of an odd duck at first, but then you look at the party piece this

camera has, ISO 819,000! That’s not a typo 819,000 ISO, 16 times the max ISO of my D810! This camera must be some kind of light sucking black hole! Taking photos in the dark of night will be no problem for this camera, and if you pair the incredible ISO with the earth tracking system that compensates for the rotation of the earth during long exposure images and reduces the possibility of star trails. This camera really is designed for night photography!

Aside from this crazy ISO, you can expect other features including Wi-Fi, 67 weather seals, 0.95x optical viewfinder, 3 inch tiltable monitor, and the knowledge that Pentax cameras are very well built and are designed to be used in the field!

The Pentax KP is scheduled to be announced officially sometime this week, we won’t have to wait long to have these specs and pictures either confirmed or denied.

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